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Vocal Cord Thyroplasty Medialization

Thyroplasty is done in patients who have a vocal cord paralysis or severe weakness. This procedure is done after the surgeon is sure that the paralysis will not recover. Unlike a vocal injection, these results are permanent and no further procedures are needed until the weakened vocal cord thins over time. Should it be needed, however, the implant is removable and the procedure fully reversible.

Medialization thyroplasty is a surgical procedure in which a small cut is made in the skin near the larynx and a small hole of cartilage is removed from the outer larynx to allow the implant to be placed. A small block, usually made of silicone or hydroxylapatite, is secured in the cartilage. This block acts as a shim which pushes the vocal fold in the middle, helping to improve vocal fold closure.  When the position is confirmed, the hole in the cartilage is closed and the incision is closed. This procedure is relatively quick and painless and is usually performed under local anesthesia. The patient will often have hoarse voice for a week as the swelling subsides.


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